The West Wales executive committee met last week and sorted out plans for the league next season.

The split is Div. 1 : 7 teams, Div 2 : 9 teams Div 3: 10 teams.

Division One is still 7 teams playing each other 3 times , i.e. 18 matches.

Morriston B will be playing in Division Two and Nidum B have been promoted in their place.

Divsion Two will consist of 9 teams playing each other twice. Some nice matches there v. De La Beche who will be led by Chris Price – formerly well over 2000 rated, and Morrison B.

Division Three will consist of 10 teams playing each other twice, i.e. 18 games. This will be tough for the Tribunes and Dennis will need plenty of support to ensure he can vary the team (a couple more players would not go amiss). There are a number of new teams competing this year which is good and Div 3 will be double round not treble round.

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
BF All Blacks BF Giants BF Brunel
BF Nidum CN Emperors CN Tribunes
Morriston A De la Beche A Commercial Inn
Swansea University A Morriston B De la Beche B
White Knights A Morriston C De la Beche C
White Knights B Morriston D Morriston E
White Knights C Swansea University B Morriston F
UK Merlins St Michael’s School
White Knights D UK Harriers
UK Hawks