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AGM 2019

  • Chairman (Martyn), Secretary (Hywel) and Treasurer (John) were all re-elected.
  • Dylan, Anthony, Stephen and Andrew were elected as Committee Members.
  • Anthony continues as web-manager and Mrs Jill Thomas as Honarary Auditor.
Presentations were made as follows:
  • Club Champion: Hywel Griffiths
  • Major Champion: Louis Ba Thein
  • Minor Champion (2018): Andrew Powell and Dennis Thomas
  • Quickplay Champion (18): Steve Smith
  • Junior Quickplay (18): Dylan Greenway and Stephen Lloyd-Brown
  • Rookie of the Year: Joshua Morgan
  • Clubman of the Year: Martyn Griffiths
  • Most Improved Player: Byron Jones

Problem Solving 2017


There were a few strange results in the second round played last week. In the Championship section Louis beat Michael. Apparentlly Michael touched a piece and was obliged to move it. This is competition chess and all rules apply! Hywel was somewhat lucky to win against Anthony. The latter had a R for 2P advantage but in time trouble overlooked Hywel’s advancing pawn.

In the Major/Minor, John Davies beat Dennis though that was not without a bit of a struggle, and newcomer Andrew beat Dylan. Interesting!

Byron, Stephen and myself have games to catch up so please try and play outstanding matches before round 3.


I note that the second round of this tournament will be played in our club on 21st November. This is a good tournament to take part in where all sorts of grades compete. Think about having a go. It would be a shame to have the event in our club without any home participants.


We may not be thriving with numbers but we certainly have a lot of variety at our club. Anthony Beck supplied the latest offering – 10 chess puzzles to solve. Everybody worked at their own pace and it wasn’t a competition. I know some players who based all their training on puzzle solving so this was a good exercise to get our brains working before the season starts.

One of the problems proved particularly difficult to everybody until Anthony realised he had omitted one of the pawns!!! Good fun. We even solved the mate in 16+. Thank you Anthony for a very good evening.

This is the puzzle that everyone found quite difficult, white to move and checkmate in 4 moves:

This was the final puzzle, give it a go, black to move and win!


Next week we have a 960 tournament. This is where the pieces come out of a hat and are set up on different squares to normal. Opening theory is non-existent so all those swats are thrown out of sinc.

Quickplay Tournament 2017

The South Wales International Tournament is currently taking place and may be followed through the WCU website.


Steve Smith is the new Club Quickplay champion. His strong player under time pressure payed dividends as he managed to stay unbeaten, drawing his last two games with Martyn Griffiths and Michael Beck to score 4/5. Michael finished on 3.5, having previously lost to Martyn. The latter could have won the title outright but lost in the last round to Anthony Beck.

1st – Steve Smith 4

2nd/3rd – Martyn Griffiths, Michael Beck 3.4

4th – Anthony Beck, Louis Ba Thein, Dennis Thomas 3

Dylan Greenway retained the Junior Quickplay title.


The first round of the 2018 Club Championships. All games are with 30 minutes on the clock for all moves.

Steve Smith v. Michael Beck
Louis Ba Thein v. Hywel Griffiths
Martyn Griffiths v. Anthony Beck

Dennis Thomas v. Dylan Greenway
Stephen Lloyd-Brown v. Byron Jones
Andrew Powell v. John Davies

West Wales Executive Meeting June 2017

The West Wales executive committee met last week and sorted out plans for the league next season.

The split is Div. 1 : 7 teams, Div 2 : 9 teams Div 3: 10 teams.

Division One is still 7 teams playing each other 3 times , i.e. 18 matches.

Morriston B will be playing in Division Two and Nidum B have been promoted in their place.

Divsion Two will consist of 9 teams playing each other twice. Some nice matches there v. De La Beche who will be led by Chris Price – formerly well over 2000 rated, and Morrison B.

Division Three will consist of 10 teams playing each other twice, i.e. 18 games. This will be tough for the Tribunes and Dennis will need plenty of support to ensure he can vary the team (a couple more players would not go amiss). There are a number of new teams competing this year which is good and Div 3 will be double round not treble round.

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
BF All Blacks BF Giants BF Brunel
BF Nidum CN Emperors CN Tribunes
Morriston A De la Beche A Commercial Inn
Swansea University A Morriston B De la Beche B
White Knights A Morriston C De la Beche C
White Knights B Morriston D Morriston E
White Knights C Swansea University B Morriston F
UK Merlins St Michael’s School
White Knights D UK Harriers
UK Hawks

Netsima Chess Tournament 2017

The annual Netsima Junior Championships run by Hywel were disappointing this year with only 11 turning up.

The small Under 9 section was won by Muhamed Muscahiber of St. Michael’s.  The Under 11s was shared by two St. Michael’s boys who live in Neath, James Lester and Danny Lin.  The former was somewhat fortunate in at least one of his games and the best player seemed to be Danny who beat James in their individual game.  The U16 title was won by Jack Cummin.

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