The club hosted it’s first quickplay championship in 3 years. It proved to be a great success with 22 players competing and enjoying the games.
It was a 5 round event with each player having only 10 seconds to make each move.
The first round shock was the loss of Andrew Powell to young Ben Williams.  In round 2 there was a tough battle between Anthony Beck and Dale Westcott which resulted in a draw – a rare result in these tournaments.  Dale had another tough match in Round 3 and lost to Jonathon Thomas who joined Hywel Griffiths and Steve Smith on top of the leader-board.  Round 4 was the crunch round.  Hywel beat the holder of the title, Steve Smith, whilst Jonathon beat Anthony Beck.  It was good to see the veteran, Dennis Thomas, still strutting his stuff and beating Andrew Davies.
The last round.  Tommy Tremain had his moment of glory, defeating David Lucas; but the main show was the battle between Jonathon Thomas and Hywel Griffiths.  Hywel found a nice tactic to win the exchange but Jonathon used his Knight and pawns to good effect and the game looked like being drawn.  All other games had finished and, with rather an anti-climax, Jonathon made a mistake, Hywel pounced and was declared Club Quickplay Champion.
RESULTS:  OPEN  1st Hywel Griffiths 5/5  =2nd Steve Smith, Jonathon Thomas, John Davies  4/5
JUNIOR  1st.  Angel Edogiawerie  2.5/5  =2nd.  Ben Williams, Tommy Tremain and Scarlett Holleran 2/5.